Monday, October 12, 2009

I have a winner!

Congratulatons to pinkglitterfae, who won the "Odd Angles" ACEO Treasure Hunt! Wow, I kept typing "Angels" there for the longest time. It was so much fun - I'm looking forward to next time. Maybe I'll have more ACEOs to choose from then.

Right now I'm taking a life drawing class on Tuesday nights at the art college. I'm hoping to have some nice nudes by the end to include in my college application portfolio. Drawing a person from life is so much different than a photograph.

Oh, and yes, I hope any Canadians out there have had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! We have a touch of snow here that I'm hoping won't last long - my father in law has been busy building us a garage, and he's so close to finishing. Sometimes it's a tough race beating Old Winter Man winter!


  1. Congrats, pink =) You won a great ACEO here!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends =)

  2. Congrats Betty (pinkglitterfae)

    Thanks Kathy! Happy Thanksgiving Christine!

  3. I'm very thankful for two turkey dinners :-)