Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get Your Eyes Checked!

The past week was extra cray. I was scared out of my wits last week when I visited the optometrist. I was shocked that it had been four years since I last saw her and since I got my glasses. I’m far sighted. When I look at pictures I drew or painted before I got my glasses, you can see a definitely fuzzy quality to them.

For some time I have had a thing on my eye which seemed harmless. The optometrist gave me a horrible fright when she suggested that the spot might be my retina detaching. All I could think about afterwards was “I’m going blind!” which is the worst fear for any extremely visual person. I hoped and prayed and friends prayed for me as well. I went for an OCT scan, which stands for optical coherence tomography. I really thought it would be a big deal like going to the dentist, but I was embarrassed at how big a baby I was.

Both eyes were dilated and essentially all I had to do was stare at a green star while red flashed in background. Each eye took about 5 minutes, but the dilation lasted about four hours. I got the results right away, which turned out to be good news! The thing in my eye is just a floater. Whew! So my message today is - get those eyes checked! You can’t put a price on your vision.

-((-------------------------------------Don't Forget!-------------------------------------))-

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  1. Thank goodness! I am so glad everything worked out well, Christine! I get my eyes checked every year without fail!

  2. I got glasses last year for the first time & I swear I need them on a string around my neck (or 8 pairs to leave in every corner of the house LOL) pleased your eyesight is AOK Christine!

  3. Thanks Debbie. I honestly thought it had been only two years. It's marked in my calendar now, so no missing next! I qualify for new glasses too, so I will have to see about that before my benefits run out.

    Hahah Shelle! I am so good at losing things, but I have yet to lose my glasses. I'm sure you could make a nice beaded string for them :-)

  4. Yeh Christine! I am so happy you are ok! I started wearing glasses two years ago. And, you are right, it's worth getting them checked!

  5. Cool! I think eyes are something we tend to overlook because we just feel like they just do work :-) It's thrilling to get glasses actually - the difference is so amazing - and now they're a great fashion accessory these days :-)

  6. Whew, I am so glad that your eyes are ok. That is scary. I can't imagine being blind.