Sunday, January 23, 2011


Man, what a silly day! I woke up dizzy at 5am this morning; the chinook loudly left during the night and I half wonder if it gave me vertigo or if it is really an ear infection. I guess time will tell. I tried to go back to bed but I had some horrible dreams, including one where my soul ran away (don't laugh!) and I tried to wake my husband up to help me, but I couldn't because I had no soul! The anti-histamine the doctor prescribed didn't really help until about 10am and by then the morning was getting away from me.

We ended up going to the Crossroads Market, a farmer's market, for lunch. It's an interesting place to go people watch and find "junktiques". Alberta isn't old enough to have old, old things. The stuff you see tends to be things that your grandparents had in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Now and then I find something really interesting, like this little souvenir booklet of Edmonton:

Vintage Edmonton Photo Booklet
(click for larger on Flickr)

Alberta may be a young province, but I'm glad in a way, even if I know I won't find a 200 year old tea set. A lot of our contemporary history is preserved in glorious colour like this booklet.


  1. Hope your feeling better, sounds like those anti-histamines weren't conductive for a good state of sleep, pleased you still managed to have a good day out!

  2. Get well, vertigo is not a fun state to be in.

  3. Hey Christine ;o) I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad you had fun at the market! I love farmer's markets! Very interesting dream! I love dreams! Maybe it was about your career change and the direction you are going to go??? Don't be afraid, go for it!!

  4. Thanks for the kind wishes guys. It's amazing how much energy trying to stay still takes, and I forget to get up slowly. It seems worse in the mornings for some reason.

    The funny thing Shelle is that vertigo can make you nauseous, and so can these anti-histamines :\ I can't tell the difference yet :-D

    Stacy, yes, it could be that...fear of soul is off in one place while I'm in another. It's hard to stay on the path to becoming an's tempting to get another job right away, but I know this would be wrong :-)

  5. Awww hope you feel better. Vertigo or an ear infection and bad dreams, no fun. I have had some weird dreams in the past but yours seems pretty scary!

  6. It was Pam...I often have dreams where I can't speak or yell for help. I really hate them. It's as bad as not being able to breathe. Today was a good day, I skipped taking the anti-histamine mostly because too many anti-histamines make your sinuses rebel in a bad bad way :-)