Sunday, January 30, 2011

Appaloosa ACEO

Recently I found one of the first few marker ACEOs I created from 2006. This Appaloosa in profile is an original ACEO or art trading card, not a print. Staedtler art markers have been used to create this leopard Appaloosa on acid free Strathmore paper. Add this original wild and free Appaloosa to your ACEO herd!

-((-------------------------------------Don't Forget!-------------------------------------))-

My 5x7" print contest ends on January 31st. Don't forget to comment to enter!


  1. Love the horse, It is so fun to see that we all do other mediums but seem to come back to ACEO's, they are addictive.

  2. I love the colours you used in this Christine! I'm glad you found it! ;o)

  3. Thanks guys! It's silly how I lose art - I once thought I accidentally put a drawing in the recycling once. Once it goes into a pile, it seems to disappear!